23 CFR § 200.11 - Procedures for processing Title VI reviews.

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§ 200.11 Procedures for processing Title VI reviews.

(a) If the regional Title VI review report contains deficiencies and recommended actions, the report shall be forwarded by the Regional Federal Highway Administrator to the Division Administrator, who will forward it with a cover letter to the State highway agency for corrective action.

(b) The division office, in coordination with the Regional Civil Rights Officer, shall schedule a meeting with the recipient, to be held not later than 30 days from receipt of the deficiency report.

(c) Recipients placed in a deficiency status shall be given a reasonable time, not to exceed 90 days after receipt of the deficiency letter, to voluntarily correct deficiencies.

(d) The Division Administrator shall seek the cooperation of the recipient in correcting deficiencies found during the review. The FHWA officials shall also provide the technical assistance and guidance needed to aid the recipient to comply voluntarily.

(e) When a recipient fails or refuses to voluntarily comply with requirements within the time frame allotted, the Division Administrator shall submit to the Regional Administrator two copies of the case file and a recommendation that the State be found in noncompliance.

(f) The Office of Civil Rights shall review the case file for a determination of concurrence or noncurrence with a recommendation to the Federal Highway Administrator. Should the Federal Highway Administrator concur with the recommendation, the file is referred to the Department of Transportation, Office of the Secretary, for appropriate action in accordance with 49 CFR.