23 CFR § 646.204 - Definitions.

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§ 646.204 Definitions.

For the purposes of this subpart, the following definitions apply:

Active warning devices means those traffic control devices activated by the approach or presence of a train, such as flashing light signals, automatic gates and similar devices, as well as manually operated devices and crossing watchmen, all of which display to motorists positive warning of the approach or presence of a train.

Company shall mean any railroad or utility company including any wholly owned or controlled subsidiary thereof.

Construction shall mean the actual physical construction to improve or eliminate a railroad-highway grade crossing or accomplish other railroad involved work.

A diagnostic team means a group of knowledgeable representatives of the parties of interest in a railroad-highway crossing or a group of crossings.

Main line railroad track means a track of a principal line of a railroad, including extensions through yards, upon which trains are operated by timetable or train order or both, or the use of which is governed by block signals or by centralized traffic control.

Passive warning devices means those types of traffic control devices, including signs, markings and other devices, located at or in advance of grade crossings to indicate the presence of a crossing but which do not change aspect upon the approach or presence of a train.

Preliminary engineering shall mean the work necessary to produce construction plans, specifications, and estimates to the degree of completeness required for undertaking construction thereunder, including locating, surveying, designing, and related work.

Railroad shall mean all rail carriers, publicly-owned, private, and common carriers, including line haul freight and passenger railroads, switching and terminal railroads and passenger carrying railroads such as rapid transit, commuter and street railroads.

Utility shall mean the lines and facilities for producing, transmitting or distributing communications, power, electricity, light, heat, gas, oil, water, steam, sewer and similar commodities.

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