24 CFR § 125.107 - Testers.

§ 125.107 Testers.

The following requirements apply to testing activities funded under the FHIP:

(a) Testers must not have prior felony convictions or convictions of crimes involving fraud or perjury.

(b) Testers must receive training or be experienced in testing procedures and techniques.

(c) Testers and the organizations conducting tests, and the employees and agents of these organizations may not:

(1) Have an economic interest in the outcome of the test, without prejudice to the right of any person or entity to recover damages for any cognizable injury;

(2) Be a relative of any party in a case;

(3) Have had any employment or other affiliation, within one year, with the person or organization to be tested; or

(4) Be a licensed competitor of the person or organization to be tested in the listing, rental, sale, or financing of real estate.

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