24 CFR § 17.45 - Unallowable claims.

§ 17.45 Unallowable claims.

Claims are not allowable for the following:

(a) Unassigned quarters in United States. Property loss or damage in quarters occupied by the claimant within the 50 States or the District of Columbia that were not assigned to him or otherwise provided in kind by the United States.

(b) Business property. Property used for business or profit.

(c) Unserviceable property. Wornout or unserviceable property.

(d) Illegal possession. Property acquired, possessed, or transported in violation of law or in violation of applicable regulations or directives.

(e) Articles of extraordinary value. Valuable articles, such as cameras, watches, jewelry, furs, or other articles of extraordinary value, when shipped with household goods or as unaccompanied baggage (shipment includes storage). This prohibition does not apply to articles in the personal custody of the claimant or articles properly checked, provided that reasonable protection or security measures have been taken by claimant.

(f) Minimum amount. Loss or damage amounting to less than $10.