24 CFR § 180.645 - Exhibits.

§ 180.645 Exhibits.

(a) Identification. All exhibits offered into evidence shall be numbered sequentially and marked with a designation identifying the sponsor. The original of each exhibit offered in evidence or marked for identification shall be filed and retained in the docket of the proceeding, unless the ALJ permits the substitution of a copy for the original.

(b) Exchange of exhibits. One copy of each exhibit offered into evidence must be furnished to each of the parties and to the ALJ. If the ALJ does not fix a time for the exchange of exhibits, the parties shall exchange copies of proposed exhibits at the earliest practicable time before the commencement of the hearing. Exhibits submitted as rebuttal evidence are not required to be exchanged before the commencement of the hearing if the submission of such evidence could not reasonably be anticipated at that time.

(c) Authenticity. The authenticity of all documents submitted or exchanged as proposed exhibits prior to the hearing shall be admitted unless written objection is filed before the commencement of the hearing, or unless good cause is shown for failing to file such a written objection.

(d) The parties are encouraged to stipulate as to the admissibility of exhibits.

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