24 CFR § 180.675 - Petitions for review.

§ 180.675 Petitions for review.

(a) The Secretary may affirm, modify or set aside, in whole or in part, the initial decision, or remand the initial decision for further proceedings.

(b) Any party adversely affected by the ALJ's initial decision may file a motion with the Secretary explaining how and why the initial decision should be modified, set aside, in whole or in part, or remanded for further proceedings. Such petition shall be based only on the following grounds:

(1) A finding of material fact is not supported by substantial evidence;

(2) A necessary legal conclusion is erroneous;

(3) The decision is contrary to law, duly promulgated rules of HUD, or legal precedent; or

(4) A prejudicial error of procedure was committed.

(c) Each issue shall be plainly and concisely stated and shall be supported by citations to the record when assignments of error are based on the record, statutes, regulations, cases, or other authorities relied upon. Except for good cause shown, no assignment of error by any party shall rely on any question of fact or law not presented to the ALJ.

(d) Such petitions must be received by the Secretary within 15 days after issuance of the initial decision.

(e) A statement in opposition to the petition for review may be filed. Such opposition must be received by the Secretary within 22 days after issuance of the initial decision.

(f) A petition not granted within 30 days after the issuance of the initial decision is deemed denied.

(g) If the Secretary remands the decision for further proceedings, the ALJ shall issue an initial decision on remand within 60 days after the date of issuance of the Secretary's decision, unless it is impracticable to do so. If the ALJ is unable to issue the initial decision within this time period (or within any succeeding 60-day period following the initial 60-day period), the ALJ shall notify in writing the parties, the aggrieved person on whose behalf the charge was filed, any amicus curiae and the Assistant Secretary, of the reasons for the delay.

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