24 CFR § 200.212 - Definitions.

§ 200.212 Definitions.

As used in this subpart:

Commissioner means the Assistant Secretary for Housing-Federal Housing Commissioner, or the Commissioner's delegates and designees.

Controlling Participant means an individual or entity serving in a capacity for a Covered Project that makes the individual or entity subject to Previous Participation review under this subpart, as further described in § 200.216.

Covered Project means a project in which the participation of a Controlling Participant is conditioned on Previous Participation review under this subpart, as further described in § 200.214.

Previous Participation means a Controlling Participant's previous participation in Covered Projects, and, if applicable, other federal, state and local housing programs, in accordance with the definition of Risk.

Risk. In order to determine whether a Controlling Participant's participation in a project would constitute an unacceptable risk, the Commissioner must determine whether the Controlling Participant could be expected to participate in the Covered Project in a manner consistent with furthering the Department's purposes. The Commissioner's review of Previous Participation shall consider compliance with applicable statutes, regulations and program requirements. The Commissioner must consider the Controlling Participant's previous financial and operational performance in Covered Projects that may indicate a financial or operating risk in approving the Controlling Participant's participation in the subject Triggering Event. At the Commissioner's discretion, as necessary to determine financial or operating risk and to the extent the Commissioner determines such information to be reliably available, the Commissioner may consider the Controlling Participant's participation and performance in any federal, state or local government program. The Commissioner may exclude any Previous Participation the Commissioner determines to be of limited value, unreliable or irrelevant in evaluating risk and/or any Previous Participation in which the Controlling Participant did not exercise, actually or constructively, control. Any information collection in connection with review of Previous Participation must follow all applicable requirements for information collection.

Triggering Event means an occurrence in connection with a Covered Project that subjects a Controlling Participant to Previous Participation review under this subpart, as further described in § 200.218.

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