24 CFR § 200.934 - User fee system for the technical suitability of products program.

§ 200.934 User fee system for the technical suitability of products program.

(a) General. This section establishes fee requirements for the issuance of Structural Engineering Bulletins (SEBs), Mechanical Engineering Bulletins (MEBs), Truss Connector Bulletins (TCBs), Area Letters of Acceptance (ALAs), Materials Releases (MRs), and review of program administrator applications submitted pursuant to § 200.935 of this title.

(b) Filing address -

(1) Applications containing payment. When applications for or correspondence concerning SEBs, MEBs, TCBs, MRs, or program administrator approval contain payment, such applications or correspondence shall be sent to the following address:

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, Technical Suitability of Product Fees, P.O. Box 954199, St. Louis, MO. 63195-4199.

(2) Other correspondence. All other correspondence concerning SEBs, MEBs, TCBs, MRs, and program administrator acceptance shall be sent to the following address:

Manufactured Housing and Construction Standards Division, Department of Housing and Urban Development, 451 Seventh Street, SW., Attn: Mail Room B-133, Washington, DC 20410.

(3) Application for ALAs. Applications for or correspondence concerning ALAs shall be submitted to the Housing Division of the field office having jurisdiction over the area in which the production facility of the system is located, except that applications containing payment shall be addressed to the attention of the Collection Officer for deposit to Account No. 86-09-0300.

(c) Fees. Applicants for renewal and applicants for acceptance as program administrators under § 200.935 of this title shall include the entire processing fee with the application. All other applicants shall submit one half of the required processing fee with each application. The applicant shall pay the balance when the draft issuance is returned to HUD with the applicant's concurrence signature. The Department will not prepare a final document for printing and distribution until it has received the full processing fee. From time to time, as may be necessary, the Department will establish and amend the fee schedule by publication of a Notice in the Federal Register.

(d) Initial application and review -

(1) Content of applications. Each application shall include only one item. All applications will be promptly processed on receipt by the Department.

(i) With respect to Mechanical Engineering Bulletins (MEBs), Structural Engineering Bulletins (SEBs), Truss Connector Bulletins (TCBs), and Area Letters of Acceptance (ALAs), each structural design shall constitute a different item.

(ii) With respect to Materials Releases (MRs), each product or system shall constitute a different item.

(2) Revisions. A recipient of a technical suitability document issued by the Department may apply for revision of that document at any time. The revision may be in the form of an amendment of or supplement to the document, for which the recipient will be charged the applicable revision fee. However, where the Department determines that a proposed revision constitutes a different item, the schedule of fees for initial applications shall apply.

(3) Renewals. Each issuance shall be valid for a period of three years from the date of initial issuance or most recent renewal, whichever is later. An applicant shall submit an application for renewal with the entire required fee three months before the expiration of the three-year period. Failure to submit a timely renewal application along with the required fee shall constitute a basis for cancellation of the issuance.

(4) Initial and revision applications requiring further study or additional data. In its discretion, the Department may request an applicant to submit additional data or to conduct further study to supplement or clarify an initial application or an application for revision of a previously issued technical suitability document. If the applicant fails to comply with the Department's request within ninety days of the date of that request or within such longer time as may be specified by the Secretary, the Department will return the application to the applicant. The Department will not refund any fees paid toward an application returned under this paragraph. The application will be considered further only if it is resubmitted along with payment of the full fee as required by these regulations.

(5) Ineligible applications. If the Secretary determines that an application or request will not be considered because it is not eligible for issuance of a technical suitability document, the Department will promptly return the application or request, refund any fees paid, and explain why the application or request is ineligible.

(6) Cancellation of a technical suitability document. If the Department determines that (i) the conditions under which a technical suitability document was issued have so changed as to affect the production of, or to compromise the integrity of, the material, product, or system approved thereby, or (ii) that the producer has changed its organizational form without notifying HUD, or (iii) that the producer is not complying with the responsibilities it assumed as a condition of HUD's acceptance of its material, product or system, the Department will notify the producer or manufacturer that the technical suitability document may be cancelled. However, before cancelling a technical suitability document, the Department will give the manufacturer reasonable notice in writing of the specific reasons therefore and an opportunity to present its views on why the technical suitability document should not be cancelled. No refund of fees will be made on a cancelled document.

(e) Identification.

(1) Applications for issuance of a MEB, SEB, TCB, or MR submitted to HUD Headquarters will be identified with a case number. The applicant will be notified of the case number when receipt of the application is acknowledged. Thereafter, the case number will be used on all correspondence relating to the application. When a final draft of a new document is prepared for publication and distribution, a bulletin or release number will be assigned to the new issuance.

(2) In the case of an application for an ALA submitted to a field office, the application will be processed in accordance with the identification and processing procedures established by the responsible field office. The field office will notify the applicant of receipt of the application and inform the applicant of the procedures that will be followed with respect to the issuance of an ALA.

(Information collection requirements in paragraphs (b), (c), (d)(1), (2), (3) and (4) were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2502-0313)
[49 FR 31856, Aug. 9, 1984, as amended at 58 FR 60250, Nov. 15, 1993]

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