24 CFR § 2002.11 - Agency review of records and aggregating requests.

§ 2002.11 Agency review of records and aggregating requests.

(a) Review of records. Only requesters who are seeking documents for commercial use may be charged for the time the OIG spends reviewing records to determine whether the records are exempt from mandatory disclosure. Charges will be assessed only for the initial review; i.e., the review undertaken the first time the OIG reviews a particular record or portion of a record to apply an exemption. The OIG will not charge for review at the administrative appeal level of an exemption already applied. However, records or portions of records withheld under an exemption that is subsequently determined not to apply may be reviewed again to determine the applicability of other exemptions not previously considered. The costs for such a subsequent review would be properly assessable. Review time will be assessed at the same rates established for search time in §§ 2002.13 and 15.106 of this title.

(b) Aggregating requests.

(1) The OIG may aggregate multiple requests in cases where unusual circumstances exist and the OIG determines that:

(i) Certain requests from the same requester or from a group of requesters acting in concert actually constitute a single request; and

(ii) The requests involve clearly related matters.

(2) Aggregation of requests for this purpose will be conducted independent of aggregation of requests for fee purposes under § 15.106(h) of this title.

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