24 CFR § 203.365 - Documents and information to be furnished the Secretary; claims review.

§ 203.365 Documents and information to be furnished the Secretary; claims review.

(a) Items to be furnished the Secretary. Within 45 days after the deed is filed for record, in the case of a conveyance claim; or, in the case of a claim arising from a pre-foreclosure sale, within 30 days after the closing of the pre-foreclosure sale, unless extended by the Commissioner, the mortgagee must forward to the Secretary:

(1) A copy of the deed to the Secretary that has been filed for record and the title evidence continued so as to include recordation of the deed; or evidence, as prescribed by the Secretary, of the closing of the pre-foreclosure sale.

(2) Fiscal data pertaining to the mortgage transaction.

(3) Any additional information or data that the Secretary may require.

(b) Items to be retained by mortgagee. The mortgagee must retain all cash amounts, held or deposited for the account of the mortgagor or to which it is entitled under the mortgage transaction, that have not been applied in reduction of the principal mortgage indebtedness.

(c) Claim file to be maintained by mortgagee.

(1) The Secretary may verify the accuracy of information regarding the insurance claim either before payment of the claim or after payment by periodic reviews of the mortgagee's records. Mortgagees must reimburse the Secretary for any claim and interest overpaid because of incorrect, unsupported, or inappropriate information provided by the mortgagee, or because of failure to provide correct information.

(2) Mortgagees must maintain a claim file containing documentation supporting all information submitted for claim payment for at least three years after a claim has been paid. All claim files for claims paid during a period relating to an unresolved or ongoing claim review must be maintained until final resolution of such review. Information to be maintained in the claim file includes receipts covering all disbursements as required by the fiscal data form, ledger cards covering the mortgage transaction, and any additional information or data relevant to the mortgage transaction or insurance claim.

(3) The Secretary may review any claim file at any time during the three-year period after the claim has been paid. Denial of access to any files will be grounds for withdrawal of the mortgagee's approved lender status, debarment by the Secretary, or immediate suspension of all claim payments.

(4) Within 24 hours of a request by the Secretary, a mortgagee must make available for review, or forward to the Secretary, hard copies of identified claim files.

(d) Statistical sampling. HUD may use statistical sampling in selecting claims to be reviewed and in determining the amount due the Secretary because of overpayment.

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