24 CFR § 203.404 - Amount of payment—assigned mortgages.

§ 203.404 Amount of payment—assigned mortgages.

Upon an acceptable assignment of a mortgage, the Commissioner shall pay to the mortgagee the unpaid principal balance of the loan at the time of assignment and an amount determined by:

(a) Adding the following items:

(1) Any accrued and unpaid mortgage interest.

(2) Any advances made under the mortgage and approved by the Commissioner.

(3) Reimbursement for such costs and attorney's fees as HUD finds were properly incurred in connection with the defaulted mortgage and its modification and assignment to HUD.

(4) For mortgages endorsed for insurance on or before January 23, 2004, an amount equivalent to the debenture interest that would have been earned on the portion of the insurance benefits paid in cash, as of the date such payment is made, and for mortgages endorsed for insurance after January 23, 2004, debenture interest at the rate specified in § 203.405(b), from the date specified in § 203.410 to the date of claim payment on the portion of the insurance benefits paid in cash, except that when the mortgagee fails to meet any one of the requirements of §§ 203.350(e), 203.351, and 203.353 of this chapter within the specified time and in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner (or within such further time as the Commissioner may approve in writing), the interest allowance in such cash payment shall be computed only to the date on which the particular required action should have been taken or to which it was extended.

(5) An administrative fee to the mortgagee for modifying the mortgage.

(6) A fee for servicing the mortgage assigned to HUD, if HUD requires such servicing.

(b) Deducting all cash retained by the mortgagee, including amounts held or deposited for the account of the mortgagor or to which it is entitled under the mortgage transaction that have not been applied in reduction of the principal mortgage indebtedness.

(c) The mortgagee may not file for any additional payments of its mortgage insurance claim after six months from final payment by the Commissioner. For the purpose of this section, the term final payment shall mean the payment which is made by the Commissioner based upon the submission by the mortgagee of all required documents and information pursuant to § 203.351 of this part.

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