24 CFR § 203.42 - Rental properties.

§ 203.42 Rental properties.

(a) A mortgage on property upon which there is a dwelling to be rented by the mortgagor shall not be eligible for insurance if the property is a part of, or adjacent or contiguous to, a project, or group of similar rental properties, in which the mortgagor has a financial interest in eight or more dwelling units.

(b) Paragraph (a) of this section shall not apply where:

(1) A mortgage qualifies as a rehabilitation loan under § 203.50 of this part;

(2) The mortgage is to be used for the rehabilitation of property located in a specific area or neighborhood that has been targeted by a State or local government for redevelopment, in accordance with a specific program that involves substantial public or private commitments in support of neighborhood improvement or redevelopment; and

(3) The State or local government has approved, and has submitted to the Commissioner a plan describing the program of neighborhood redevelopment and revitalization, including the geographic area targeted for redevelopment, and the nature and proportion of public or private commitments that have been made in support of the redevelopment program.

(c) No two-, three-, or four-family dwelling, and no single-family dwelling, if it is part of a group of five or more single-family dwellings held by the same mortgagor, or any part or unit thereof, shall be rented or offered for rent for transient or hotel purposes, as defined in § 203.16, so long as the dwelling is subject to any insured mortgage.

[56 FR 27692, June 17, 1991, as amended at 61 FR 36264, July 9, 1996]