24 CFR § 203.508 - Providing information.

§ 203.508 Providing information.

(a) Mortgagees shall provide loan information to mortgagors and arrange for individual loan consultation on request. The mortgagee must establish written procedures and controls to assure prompt responses to inquiries. One or more of the following means of making information readily available to mortgagors is required:

(1) An office staffed with competent personnel located within 200 miles of the property, capable of providing timely responses to requests for information. Complete records need not be maintained in such an office if the staff is able to secure needed information and pass it on to the mortgagor.

(2) Toll-free telephone service at an office capable of providing needed information.

(b) All mortgagors must be informed of the system available for obtaining answers to loan inquiries, the office from which needed information may be obtained and reminded of the system at least annually. Toll-free telephone service need not be provided to a mortgagor other than at the office designated to serve the mortgagor nor other than from the immediate vicinity of the security property.

(c) Within thirty days after the end of each calendar year, the mortgagee shall furnish to the mortgagor a statement of the interest paid, and of the taxes disbursed from the escrow account during the preceding year. At the mortgagor's request, the mortgagee shall furnish a statement of the escrow account sufficient to enable the mortgagor to reconcile the account.

(d) Mortgagees must respond to HUD requests for information concerning individual accounts.

(e) Each servicer of a mortgage shall deliver to the mortgagor a written notice of any assignment, sale, or transfer of the servicing of the mortgage. The notice must be sent in accordance with the provisions of § 3500.21(e)(1) of this title and shall contain the information required by § 3500.21(e)(2) of this title. Servicers must respond to mortgagor inquiries pertaining to the transfer of servicing in accordance with § 3500.21(f) of this title.

(The information collection requirements contained in paragraph (c) were approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2502–0235)
[41 FR 49736, Nov. 10, 1976, as amended at 48 FR 28986, June 24, 1983; 59 FR 65448, Dec. 19, 1994]