24 CFR § 203.7 - Commitment process.

§ 203.7 Commitment process.

For single family mortgage programs that are not eligible for Direct Endorsement processing under § 203.5, or for Lender Insurance processing under § 203.6, the mortgagee must submit an application for mortgage insurance in a form prescribed by the Secretary prior to making the mortgage loan. If:

(a) A mortgage for a specified property has been accepted for insurance through issuance of a conditional commitment by the Secretary or a certificate of reasonable value by the Department of Veterans Affairs, and

(b) A specified mortgagor and all other proposed terms and conditions of the mortgage meet the eligibility requirements for insurance as determined by the Secretary, the Secretary shall approve the application for insurance by issuing a firm commitment setting forth the terms and conditions of insurance.

[57 FR 58346, Dec. 9, 1992; 58 FR 13537, Mar. 12, 1993, as amended at 62 FR 30226, June 2, 1997]

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