24 CFR § 221.751 - Cross-reference.

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§ 221.751 Cross-reference.

(a) All of the provisions of subpart B, part 207 of this chapter, covering mortgages insured under section 207 of the National Housing Act, apply with full force and effect to multifamily project mortgages insured under section 221 of the National Housing Act, except the following provisions:

207.252 First, second, and third premium.
207.252a Premiums - operating loss loans.
207.259 Insurance benefits.

(b) For the purposes of this subpart, all references in part 207 of this chapter to section 207 of the act shall be construed to refer to section 221 of the Act, and all references to part 207 shall be construed to refer to this subpart.

[36 FR 24587, Dec. 22, 1971, as amended at 37 FR 8663, Apr. 29, 1972; 42 FR 59675, Nov. 18, 1977]

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