24 CFR § 242.22 - Maximum fees and charges by mortgagee.

§ 242.22 Maximum fees and charges by mortgagee.

The mortgagee may collect from the mortgagor the amount of the fees provided for in this subpart. The mortgagee may also collect from the mortgagor an initial service charge not to exceed 2 percent of the original principal amount of the mortgage to reimburse the mortgagee for the cost of closing the transaction. A permanent financing fee not to exceed 3.5 percent may be collected from the mortgagor; however, the combined initial service charge and permanent financing fee may not exceed 5.5 percent in bond transactions and 3.5 percent in all other transactions. Any additional charges or fees collected from the mortgagor shall be subject to prior approval of HUD and shall be clearly disclosed in the Mortgagee's Certificate.

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