24 CFR § 3280.103 - Light and ventilation.

§ 3280.103 Light and ventilation.

(a) Lighting. Each habitable room shall be provided with exterior windows and/or doors having a total glazed area of not less than 8 percent of the gross floor area.

(1) Kitchens, bathrooms, toilet compartments, laundry areas, and utility rooms may be provided with artificial light in place of windows.

(2) Rooms and areas may be combined for the purpose of providing the required natural lighting provided that at least one half of the common wall area is open and unobstructed, and the open area is at least equal to 10 percent of the combined floor area or 25 square feet whichever is greater.

(b) Whole-house ventilation. Each manufactured home must be provided with whole-house ventilation having a minimum capacity of 0.035 ft 3/min/ft 2 of interior floor space or its hourly average equivalent. This ventilation capacity must be in addition to any openable window area. In no case shall the installed ventilation capacity of the system be less than 50 cfm. The following criteria must be adhered to:

(1) The ventilation capacity must be provided by a mechanical system or a combination passive and mechanical system. The ventilation system or provisions for ventilation must not create a positive pressure in Uo Value Zone 2 and Zone 3 or a negative pressure condition in Uo Value Zone 1. Mechanical systems must be balanced. Combination passive and mechanical systems must have adequately sized inlets or exhaust to release any unbalanced pressure. Temporary pressure imbalances due to gusting or high winds are permitted.

(2) The ventilation system or provisions for ventilation must exchange air directly with the exterior of the home, except the ventilation system, or provisions for ventilation must not draw or expel air with the space underneath the home. The ventilation system or provisions for ventilation must not draw or expel air into the floor, wall, or ceiling/roof systems, even if those systems are vented. The ventilation system must be designed to ensure that outside air is distributed to all bedrooms and main living areas. The combined use of undercut doors or transom grills connecting those areas to the room where the mechanical system is located is deemed to meet this requirement.

(3) The ventilation system or a portion of the system is permitted to be integral with the home's heating or cooling system. The system must be capable of operating independently of the heating or cooling modes. A ventilation system that is integral with the heating or cooling system is to be listed as part of the heating and cooling system or listed as suitable for use with that system.

(4) A mechanical ventilation system, or mechanical portion thereof, must be provided with a manual control, and must be permitted to be provided with automatic timers or humidistats.

(5) A whole-house ventilation label must be attached to the whole-house ventilation control, must be permanent, and must state: “WHOLE-HOUSE VENTILATION”.

(6) Instructions for correctly operating and maintaining whole-house ventilation systems must be included with the homeowner's manual. The instructions must encourage occupants to operate these systems whenever the home is occupied, and must refer to the labeled whole-house ventilation control.

(c) Additional ventilation.

(1) At least half of the minimum required glazed area in paragraph (a) of this section shall be openable directly to the outside of the manufactured home for unobstructed ventilation. These same ventilation requirements apply to rooms combined in accordance with § 3280.103(a)(2).

(2) Kitchens shall be provided with a mechanical ventilation system that is capable of exhausting 100 cfm to the outside of the home. The exhaust fan shall be located as close as possible to the range or cook top, but in no case farther than 10 feet horizontally from the range or cook top.

(3) Each bathroom and separate toilet compartment shall be provided with a mechanical ventilation system capable of exhausting 50 cfm to the outside of the home. A separate toilet compartment may be provided with 1.5 square feet of openable glazed area in place of mechanical ventilation, except in Uo value Zone 3.

(d) Optional ventilation provisions. As an option to complying with the provisions of paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section, ventilation systems complying with ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.2 (incorporated by reference, see § 3280.4) may be used.

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