24 CFR § 3280.302 - Definitions.

§ 3280.302 Definitions.

The following definitions are applicable to subpart D only:

Anchor assembly means any device or other means designed to transfer home anchoring loads to the ground.

Anchoring equipment means ties, straps, cables, turnbuckles, chains, and other approved components, including tensioning devices that are used to secure a manufactured home to anchor assemblies.

Anchoring system means a combination of anchoring equipment and anchor assemblies that will, when properly designed and installed, resist the uplift, overturning, and lateral forces on the manufactured home and on its support and foundation system.

Diagonal tie means a tie intended to resist horizontal or shear forces, but which may resist vertical, uplift, and overturning forces.

Footing: means that portion of the support system that transmits loads directly to the soil.

Foundation system means a system of support that is capable of transferring all design loads to the ground, including elements of the support system as defined in this section, or a site-built permanent foundation that meets the requirements of 24 CFR 3282.12.

Ground anchor means a specific anchoring assembly device designed to transfer home anchoring loads to the ground.

Loads: (1) Dead load: means the weight of all permanent construction including walls, floors, roof, partition, and fixed service equipment.

(2) Live load: means the weight superimposed by the use and occupancy of the manufactured home, including wind load and snow load, but not including dead load.

(3) Wind load: means the lateral or vertical pressure or uplift on the manufactured home due to wind blowing in any direction.

Main frame: means the structural component on which is mounted the body of the manufactured home.

Pier: means that portion of the support system between the footing and manufactured home exclusive of caps and shims.

Sheathing: means material which is applied on the exterior side of a building frame under the exterior weather resistant covering.

Stabilizing devices means all components of the anchoring and support systems, such as piers, footings, ties, anchoring equipment, anchoring assemblies, or any other equipment, materials, and methods of construction that support and secure the manufactured home to the ground.

Support system: means a combination of footings, piers, caps, and shims that will, when properly installed, support the manufactured home.

Support system means any pilings, columns, footings, piers, foundation walls, shims, and any combination thereof that, when properly installed, support the manufactured home.

Tie: means straps, cable, or securing devices used to connect the manufactured home to ground anchors.

Vertical tie: means a tie intended to resist the uplifting or overturning forces.

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