24 CFR § 3280.304 - Materials.

§ 3280.304 Materials.

(a) Dimension and board lumber shall not exceed 19 percent moisture content at time of installation.


(1) Standards for some of the generally used materials and methods of construction are listed in the following table:


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Wood and Wood Products

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(2) Materials and methods of construction utilized in the design and construction of manufactured homes which are covered by the standards in the following table, or any applicable portion thereof shall comply with these requirements.

(3) Engineering analysis and testing methods contained in these references shall be utilized to judge conformance with accepted engineering practices required in § 3280.303(c).

(4) Materials and methods of installation conforming to these standards shall be considered acceptable when installed in conformance with the requirements of this part.

(5) Materials meeting the standards (or the applicable portion thereof) are considered acceptable unless otherwise specified herein or unless substantial doubt exists as to conformance.

(c) Wood products shall be identified as complying with the appropriate standards.

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