24 CFR § 3280.307 - Resistance to elements and use.

§ 3280.307 Resistance to elements and use.

(a) Exterior coverings shall be of moisture and weather resistive materials attached with corrosion resistant fasteners to resist wind, snow and rain. Metal coverings and exposed metal structural members shall be of corrosion resistant materials or shall be protected to resist corrosion. All joints between portions of the exterior covering shall be designed, and assembled to protect against the infiltration of air and water, except for any designed ventilation of wall or roof cavity.

(b) Joints between dissimilar materials and joints between exterior coverings and frames of openings shall be protected with a compatible sealant suitable to resist infiltration of air or water.

(c) Where adjoining materials or assemblies of materials are of such nature that separation can occur due to expansion, contraction, wind loads or other loads induced by erection or transportation, sealants shall be of a type that maintains protection against infiltration or penetration by air, moisture or vermin.

(d) Exterior surfaces shall be sealed to resist the entrance of rodents.