24 CFR § 3280.612 - Tests and inspection.

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§ 3280.612 Tests and inspection.

(a) Water system. All water piping in the water distribution system must be subjected to a pressure test. The test must be made by subjecting the system to air or water at 80 psi + or − 5 psi for 15 minutes without loss of pressure. The water used for the test must be obtained from a potable water source.

(b) Drainage and vent system and plumbing fixtures. The waste and vent system shall be tested by one of the three following alternate methods for evidence or indication of leakage:

(1) Water test. Before plumbing fixtures are connected, all of the openings into the piping shall be plugged and the entire piping system subjected to a static water test for 15 minutes by filling it with water to the top of the highest vent opening. There shall be no evidence of leakage.

(2) Air test. After all fixtures have been installed, the traps filled with water, and the remaining openings securely plugged, the entire system shall be subjected to a 2-inch (manometer) water column air pressure test. If the system loses pressure, leaks may be located with smoke pumped into the system, or with soap suds spread on the exterior of the piping (Bubble test).

(3) Flood level test. The manufactured home shall be in a level position, all fixtures shall be connected, and the entire system shall be filled with water to the rim of the water closet bowl. (Tub and shower drains shall be plugged). After all trapped air has been released, the test shall be sustained for not less than 15 minutes without evidence of leaks. Then the system shall be unplugged and emptied. The waste piping above the level of the water closet bowl shall then be tested and show no indication of leakage when the high fixtures are filled with water and emptied simultaneously to obtain the maximum possible flow in the drain piping.

(c) Fixture test. The plumbing fixtures and connections shall be subjected to a flow test by filling them with water and checking for leaks and retarded flow while they are being emptied.

(d) Shower compartments. Shower compartments and receptors shall be tested for leaks prior to being covered by finish material. Each pan shall be filled with water to the top of the dam for not less than 15 minutes without evidence of leakage.

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