24 CFR § 3280.803 - Power supply.

§ 3280.803 Power supply.

(a) The power supply to the manufactured home shall be a feeder assembly consisting of not more than one listed 50 ampere manufactured home power-supply cords, or a permanently installed circuit. A manufactured home that is factory-equipped with gas or oil-fired central heating equipment and cooking appliances shall be permitted to be provided with a listed manufactured home power-supply cord rated 40 amperes.

(b) If the manufactured home has a power-supply cord, it shall be permanently attached to the distribution panelboard or to a junction box permanently connected to the distribution panelboard, with the free end terminating in an attachment plug cap.

(c) Cords with adapters and pigtail ends, extension cords, and similar items shall not be attached to, or shipped with, a manufactured home.

(d) A suitable clamp or the equivalent must be provided at the distribution panelboard knockout to afford strain relief for the cord to prevent strain from being transmitted to the terminals when the power supply cord is handled in its intended manner.

(e) The cord shall be of an approved type with four conductors, one of which shall be identified by a continuous green color or a continuous green color with one or more yellow stripes for use as the grounding conductor.

(f) The attachment plug cap must be a 3-pole, 4-wire, grounding type, rated 50 amperes, 125/250 volts, intended for use with the 50-ampere, 125/250-volt receptacle configuration, as shown below. The cap must be listed, by itself or as part of a power-supply cord assembly, for the purpose, and must be molded to or installed on the flexible cord so that it is secured tightly to the cord at the point where the cord enters the attachment plug cap. If a right-angle cap is used, the configuration must be so oriented that the grounding member is farthest from the cord.

Wiring Device Dimensional Requirements

(g) The overall length of a power-supply cord, measured from the end of the cord, including bared leads, to the face of the attachment-plug cap shall not be less than 21 feet and shall not exceed 36 1/2 feet. The length of cord from the face of the attachment-plug cap to the point where the cord enters the manufactured home shall not be less than 20 feet.

(h) The power supply cord shall bear the following marking: “For use with manufactured homes - 40 amperes” or “For use with manufactured homes - 50 amperes.”

(i) Where the cord passes through walls or floors, it must be protected by means of conduits and bushings or the equivalent. The cord is permitted to be installed within the manufactured home walls, provided that a continuous raceway having a maximum size of 1 1/4 inch is installed from the branch-circuit panelboard to the underside of the manufactured home floor.

(j) Permanent provisions shall be made for the protection of the attachment-plug cap of the power supply cord and any connector cord assembly or receptacle against corrosion and mechanical damage if such devices are in an exterior location while the manufactured home is in transit.

(k) Where the calculated load exceeds 50 amperes or where a permanent feeder is used, the supply shall be by means of:

(1) One mast weatherhead installation installed in accordance with Article 230 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA No. 70-2005, containing four continuous insulated, color-coded, feeder conductors, one of which shall be an equipment grounding conductor; or

(2) A listed metal raceway or listed rigid nonmetallic conduit from the disconnecting means in the manufactured home to the underside of the manufactured home, with provisions for the attachment of a suitable junction box or fitting to the raceway on the underside of the manufactured home. The manufacturer must provide written installation instructions stating the proper feeder conductor sizes for the raceway and the size of the junction box to be used; or

(3) Service equipment installed in or on the manufactured home, provided that all of the following conditions are met:

(i) In its written installation instructions, the manufacturer must include information indicating that the home must be secured in place by an anchoring system or installed on and secured to a permanent foundation;

(ii) The installation of the service equipment complies with Article 230 of the National Electrical Code, NFPA 70-2005 (incorporated by reference, see § 3280.4). Exterior service equipment or the enclosure in which it is to be installed must be weatherproof, and conductors must be suitable for use in wet locations;

(iii) Means are provided for the connection of the grounding electrode conductor to the service equipment and routing it to the conductor outside the structure;

(iv) Bonding and grounding of the service must be in accordance with Article 250, NFPA 70-2005, National Electrical Code (incorporated by reference, see § 3280.4);

(v) The manufacturer must include in its installation instructions one method of grounding the service equipment at the installation site. The instructions must clearly state that other methods of grounding are found in Article 250 of NFPA 70-2005, National Electrical Code;

(vi) The minimum size grounding electrode conductor must be specified in the instructions; and

(vi) A red warning label must be mounted on or adjacent to the service equipment. The label must state the following: WARNING - DO NOT PROVIDE ELECTRICAL POWER UNTIL THE GROUNDING ELECTRODE(S) IS INSTALLED AND CONNECTED (SEE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS).

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