24 CFR § 3282.408 - Plan of notification required.

§ 3282.408 Plan of notification required.

(a) Manufacturer's plan required. Except as provided in § 3282.407, if a manufacturer determines that it is responsible for providing notification under § 3282.405, the manufacturer must prepare a plan in accordance with this section and § 3282.409. The manufacturer must, as soon as practical, but not later than 20 days after making the determination of defect, serious defect, or imminent safety hazard, submit the plan for approval to one of the following, as appropriate:

(1) The SAA of the State of manufacture, when all of the manufactured homes covered by the plan were manufactured in that State; or

(2) The Secretary, when the manufactured homes were manufactured in more than one State or there is no SAA in the State of manufacture.

(b) Implementation of plan. Upon approval of the plan, including any changes for cause required by the Secretary or SAA after consultation with the manufacturer, the manufacturer must carry out the approved plan within the agreed time limits.