24 CFR § 5.632 - Utility reimbursements.

§ 5.632 Utility reimbursements.

(a) Applicability. This section is applicable to:

(1) The Section 8 programs other than the Section 8 voucher program (for distribution of a voucher housing assistance payment that exceeds rent to owner, see § 982.514(b) of this title);

(2) A public housing family paying an income-based rent (see § 960.253 of this title). (Utility reimbursement is not paid for a public housing family that is paying a flat rent.)

(b) Payment of utility reimbursement.

(1) The responsible entity pays a utility reimbursement if the utility allowance (for tenant-paid utilities) exceeds the amount of the total tenant payment. The responsible entity has the option of making utility reimbursement payments not less than once per calendar-year quarter, for reimbursements totaling $45 or less per quarter. In the event a family leaves the program in advance of its next quarterly reimbursement, the responsible entity must reimburse the family for a prorated share of the applicable reimbursement. PHAs and owners exercising this option must have a hardship policy in place for tenants.

(2) In the public housing program (where the family is paying an income-based rent), the Section 8 moderate rehabilitation program and the Section 8 certificate or voucher program, the PHA may pay the utility reimbursement either to the family or directly to the utility supplier to pay the utility bill on behalf of the family. If the PHA elects to pay the utility supplier, the PHA must notify the family of the amount paid to the utility supplier.

(3) In the other Section 8 programs, the owner must pay the utility reimbursement either:

(i) To the family, or

(ii) With consent of the family, to the utility supplier to pay the utility bill on behalf of the family.

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