24 CFR § 570.203 - Special economic development activities.

§ 570.203 Special economic development activities.

A recipient may use CDBG funds for special economic development activities in addition to other activities authorized in this subpart that may be carried out as part of an economic development project. Guidelines for selecting activities to assist under this paragraph are provided at § 570.209. The recipient must ensure that the appropriate level of public benefit will be derived pursuant to those guidelines before obligating funds under this authority. Special activities authorized under this section do not include assistance for the construction of new housing. Activities eligible under this section may include costs associated with project-specific assessment or remediation of known or suspected environmental contamination. Special economic development activities include:

(a) The acquisition, construction, reconstruction, rehabilitation or installation of commercial or industrial buildings, structures, and other real property equipment and improvements, including railroad spurs or similar extensions. Such activities may be carried out by the recipient or public or private nonprofit subrecipients.

(b) The provision of assistance to a private for-profit business, including, but not limited to, grants, loans, loan guarantees, interest supplements, technical assistance, and other forms of support, for any activity where the assistance is appropriate to carry out an economic development project, excluding those described as ineligible in § 570.207(a). In selecting businesses to assist under this authority, the recipient shall minimize, to the extent practicable, displacement of existing businesses and jobs in neighborhoods.

(c) Economic development services in connection with activities eligible under this section, including, but not limited to, outreach efforts to market available forms of assistance; screening of applicants; reviewing and underwriting applications for assistance; preparation of all necessary agreements; management of assisted activities; and the screening, referral, and placement of applicants for employment opportunities generated by CDBG-eligible economic development activities, including the costs of providing necessary training for persons filling those positions.

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