24 CFR § 570.308 - Joint requests.

§ 570.308 Joint requests.

(a) Joint requests and cooperation agreements.

(1) Any urban county and any metropolitan city located, in whole or in part, within that county may submit a joint request to HUD to approve the inclusion of the metropolitan city as a part of the urban county for purposes of planning and implementing a joint community development and housing program. Such a joint request shall only be considered if submitted at the time the county is seeking a three year qualification or requalification as an urban county. Such a joint request shall, upon approval by HUD, remain effective for the period for which the county is qualified as an urban county. An urban county may be joined by more than one metropolitan city, but a metropolitan city located in more than one urban county may only be included in one urban county for any program year. A joint request shall be deemed approved by HUD unless HUD notifies the city and the county of its disapproval and the reasons therefore within 30 days of receipt of the request by HUD.

(2) Each metropolitan city and urban county submitting a joint request shall submit an executed cooperation agreement to undertake or to assist in the undertaking of essential community development and housing assistance activities, as defined in § 570.307(c).

(b) Joint grant amount. The grant amount for a joint recipient shall be the sum of the amounts authorized for the individual entitlement grantees, as described in section 106 of the Act. The urban county shall be the grant recipient.

(c) Effect of inclusion. Upon urban county qualification and HUD approval of the joint request and cooperation agreement, the metropolitan city shall be considered a part of the urban county for purposes of program planning and implementation for the period of the urban county qualification, and shall be treated the same as any other unit of general local government which is part of the urban county.

(d) Submission requirements. In requesting a grant under this part, the urban county shall make a single submission which meets the submission requirements of 24 CFR part 91 and covers all members of the joint recipient.

[53 FR 34449, Sept. 6, 1988, as amended at 60 FR 1915, Jan. 5, 1995]

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