24 CFR § 570.400 - General.

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§ 570.400 General.

(a) Applicability. The policies and procedures set forth in subparts A, C, J, K, and O of this part shall apply to this subpart, except to the extent that they are specifically modified or augmented by the contents of this subpart, including specified exemptions described herein. The HUD Environmental Review Procedures contained in 24 CFR part 58 also apply to this subpart, unless otherwise specifically provided herein.

(b) Data. Wherever data are used in this subpart for selecting applicants for assistance or for determining grant amounts, the source of such data shall be the most recent information available from the U.S. Bureau of the Census which is referable to the same point or period of time.

(c) Review of applications for discretionary assistance—(1) Review components. An application for assistance under this subpart shall be reviewed by HUD to ensure that:

(i) The application is postmarked or received on or before any final date established by HUD;

(ii) The application is complete;

(iii) Required certifications have been included in the application; and

(iv) The application meets the specific program requirements listed in the Federal Register Notice published in connection with a competition for funding, and any other specific requirements listed under this subpart for each of the programs.

(2) Timing and review. HUD is not required by the Act to review and approve an application for assistance or a contract proposal within any specified time period. However, HUD will attempt to complete its review of any application/proposal within 75 days.

(3) Notification to applicant/proposer. HUD will notify the applicant/proposer in writing that the applicant/proposal has been approved, partially approved, or disapproved. If an application/proposal is partially approved or disapproved, the applicant/proposer will be informed of the basis for HUD's decision. HUD may make conditional approvals under § 570.304(d).

(d) Program amendments.

(1) Recipients shall request prior written HUD approval for all program amendments involving changes in the scope or the location of approved activities.

(2) Any program amendments, whether or not they require HUD approval, must be fully documented in the recipient's records.

(e) Performance reports. Any performance report required of a discretionary assistance recipient shall be submitted in the form specified in this subpart, in the award document, or (if the report relates to a specific competition for an assistance award) in a form specified in a Notice published in the Federal Register.

(f) Performance reviews and findings. HUD may review the recipient's performance in carrying out the activities for which assistance is provided in a timely manner and in accordance with its approved application, all applicable requirements of this part and the terms of the assistance agreement. Findings of performance deficiencies may be cause for appropriate corrective and remedial actions under § 570.910.

(g) Funding sanctions. Following notice and opportunity for informal consultation, HUD may withhold, reduce or terminate the assistance where any corrective or remedial actions taken under § 570.910 fail to remedy a recipient's performance deficiencies, and the deficiencies are sufficiently substantial, in the judgment of HUD, to warrant sanctions.

(h) Publication of availability of funds. HUD will publish by Notice in the Federal Register each year the amount of funds available for the special purpose grants authorized by each section under this subpart.

[50 FR 37525, Sept. 16, 1985, as amended at 56 FR 18968, Apr. 24, 1991]