24 CFR § 570.427 - Program amendments.

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§ 570.427 Program amendments.

(a) HUD approval of certain program amendments. Grantees shall request prior HUD approval for all program amendments involving new activities or alteration of existing activities that will significantly change the scope, location, or objectives of the approved activities or beneficiaries. Approval is subject to the amended activities meeting the requirements of this part and being able to be completed promptly.

(b) Documentation of program amendments. Any program amendments that do not require HUD approval must be fully documented in the grantee's records.

(c) Citizen participation requirements. Whenever an amendment requires HUD approval, the requirements for citizen participation in § 570.431 must be met.

[62 FR 62914, Nov. 25, 1997, as amended at 72 FR 46370, Aug. 17, 2007]