24 CFR § 570.485 - Making of grants.

§ 570.485 Making of grants.

(a) Required submissions. In order to receive its annual CDBG grant under this subpart, a State must submit a consolidated plan in accordance with 24 CFR part 91. That part includes requirements for the content of the consolidated plan, for the process of developing the plan, including citizen participation provisions, for the submission date, for HUD approval, and for the amendment process.

(b) Failure to make submission. The state's failure to make the submission required by paragraph (a) of this section within the prescribed deadline constitutes the state's election not to receive and distribute amounts allocated for its nonentitlement areas for the applicable fiscal year. Funds will be either:

(1) Administered by HUD pursuant to subpart F of this part if the state has not administered the program in any previous fiscal year; or

(2) Reallocated to all states in the succeeding fiscal year according to the formula of section 106(d) of the Act, if the state administered the program in any previous year.

(c) Approval of grant. HUD will approve a grant if the State's submissions have been made and approved in accordance with 24 CFR part 91, and the certifications required therein are satisfactory to the Secretary. The certifications will be satisfactory to the Secretary for this purpose unless the Secretary has determined pursuant to § 570.493 that the State has not complied with the requirements of this subpart, or has determined that there is evidence, not directly involving the State's past performance under this program, that tends to challenge in a substantial manner the State's certification of future performance. If the Secretary makes any such determination, however, the State may be required to submit further assurances as the Secretary may deem warranted or necessary to find the grantee's certification satisfactory.

(d) Specific conditions. - HUD may impose additional specific award conditions on States in accordance with 2 CFR 200.207.

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