24 CFR § 570.900 - General.

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§ 570.900 General.

(a) Performance review authorities—(1) Entitlement, Insular Areas, and HUD-administered Small Cities performance reviews. Section 104(e)(1) of the Act requires that the Secretary shall, at least on an annual basis, make such reviews and audits as may be necessary or appropriate to determine whether the recipient has carried out its activities in a timely manner, whether the recipient has carried out those activities and its certifications in accordance with the requirements and the primary objectives of the Act and with other applicable laws, and whether the recipient has a continuing capacity to carry out those activities in a timely manner.

(2) Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) performance reviews. Section 119(g) of the Act requires the Secretary, at least on an annual basis, to make such reviews and audits of recipients of Urban Development Action Grants as necessary to determine whether the recipient's progress in carrying out the approved activities is substantially in accordance with the recipient's approved plans and timetables.

(b) Performance review procedures. This paragraph describes the review procedures the Department will use in conducting the performance reviews required by sections 104(e) and 119(g) of the Act:

(1) The Department will determine the performance of each entitlement, Insular Areas, and HUD-administered small cities recipient in accordance with section 104(e)(1) of the Act by reviewing for compliance with the requirements described in § 570.901 and by applying the performance criteria described in §§ 570.902 and 570.903 relative to carrying out activities in a timely manner. The review criteria in § 570.904 will be used to assist in determining if the recipient's program is being carried out in compliance with civil rights requirements.

(2) The Department will review UDAG projects and activities to determine whether such projects and activities are being carried out substantially in accordance with the recipient's approved plans and schedules. The Department will also review to determine if the recipient has carried out its UDAG program in accordance with all other requirements of the Grant Agreement and with all applicable requirements of this part.

(3) In conducting performance reviews, HUD will primarily rely on information obtained from the recipient's performance report, records maintained, findings from monitoring, grantee and subrecipient audits, audits and surveys conducted by the HUD Inspector General, and financial data regarding the amount of funds remaining in the line of credit plus program income. HUD may also consider relevant information pertaining to a recipient's performance gained from other sources, including litigation, citizen comments, and other information provided by or concerning the recipient. A recipient's failure to maintain records in the prescribed manner may result in a finding that the recipient has failed to meet the applicable requirement to which the record pertains.

(4) If HUD determines that a recipient has not met a civil rights review criterion in § 570.904, the recipient will be provided an opportunity to demonstrate that it has nonetheless met the applicable civil rights requirement.

(5) If HUD finds that a recipient has failed to comply with a program requirement or has failed to meet a performance criterion in § 570.902 or § 570.903, HUD will give the recipient an opportunity to provide additional information concerning the finding.

(6) If, after considering any additional information submitted by a recipient, HUD determines to uphold the finding, HUD may advise the recipient to undertake appropriate corrective or remedial actions as specified in § 570.910. HUD will consider the recipient's capacity as described in § 570.905 prior to selecting the corrective or remedial actions.

(7) If the recipient fails to undertake appropriate corrective or remedial actions which resolve the deficiency to the satisfaction of the Secretary, the Secretary may impose a sanction pursuant to § 570.911, 570,912, or 570.913, as applicable.

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