24 CFR § 578.101 - Technical assistance.

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§ 578.101 Technical assistance.

(a) Purpose. The purpose of Continuum of Care technical assistance is to increase the effectiveness with which Continuums of Care, eligible applicants, recipients, subrecipients, and UFAs implement and administer their Continuum of Care planning process; improve their capacity to prepare applications; prevent the separation of families in projects funded under the Emergency Solutions Grants, Continuum of Care, and Rural Housing Stability Assistance programs; and adopt and provide best practices in housing and services for persons experiencing homelessness.

(b) Defined. Technical assistance means the transfer of skills and knowledge to entities that may need, but do not possess, such skills and knowledge. The assistance may include, but is not limited to, written information such as papers, manuals, guides, and brochures; person-to-person exchanges; web-based curriculums, training and Webinars, and their costs.

(c) Set-aside. HUD may set aside funds annually to provide technical assistance, either directly by HUD staff or indirectly through third-party providers.

(d) Awards. From time to time, as HUD determines the need, HUD may advertise and competitively select providers to deliver technical assistance. HUD may enter into contracts, grants, or cooperative agreements, when necessary, to implement the technical assistance. HUD may also enter into agreements with other federal agencies for awarding the technical assistance funds.

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