24 CFR § 700.155 - Grant agreement and administration.

§ 700.155 Grant agreement and administration.

(a) General. HUD will enter into grant agreements with grantees, to provide congregate services for program participants in eligible housing projects, in order to meet the purposes of CHSP.

(b) Term of grant agreement and reservation of amount. A grant will be for a term of five years and the Secretary concerned shall reserve a sum equal to the total approved grant amount for each grantee. Grants will be renewable at the expiration of a term, subject to the availability of funds and conformance with the regulations in this part, except as otherwise provided in section 700.160.

(c) Monitoring of project sites by governmental units. States, Indian tribes, and units of general local government with a grant covering multiple projects shall monitor, review, and evaluate Program performance at each project site for compliance with CHSP regulations and procedures, in such manner as prescribed by HUD or RHS.

(d) Reports. Each grantee shall submit program and fiscal reports and program budgets to the Secretary concerned in such form and at such times, as the Secretary concerned requires.

(e) Enforcement. The Secretary concerned will enforce the obligations of the grantee under the agreement through such action as may be necessary, including terminating grants, recapturing grant funds, and imposing sanctions.

(1) These actions may be taken for:

(i) A grantee's non-compliance with the grant agreement or HUD or RHS regulations;

(ii) Failure of the grantee to provide supportive services within 12 months of execution of the grant agreement.

(2) Sanctions include but are not limited to the following:

(i) Temporary withholding of reimbursements or extensions or renewals under the grant agreement, pending correction of deficiencies by the grantee;

(ii) Setting conditions in the contract;

(iii) Termination of the grant;

(iv) Substitution of grantee; and

(v) Any other action deemed necessary by the Secretary concerned.

(f) Renewal of grants. Subject to the availability of funding, satisfactory performance, and compliance with the regulations in this part:

(1) Grantees funded initially under this part shall be eligible to receive continued, non-competitive renewals after the initial five-year term of the grant.

(2) Grantees will receive priority funding and grants will be renewed within time periods prescribed by the Secretary concerned.

(g) Use of Grant Funds. If during any year, grantees use less than the annual amount of CHSP funds provided to them for that year, the excess amount can be carried forward for use in later years.