24 CFR § 880.606 - Lease requirements.

§ 880.606 Lease requirements.

(a) Term of Lease. The term of the lease will be for not less than one year. The lease may, or in the case of a lease for a term of more than one year must, contain a provision permitting termination on 30 days advance written notice by the family.

(b) Form -

(1) Part 880 and 24 CFR part 881 projects. For this part 880 and 24 CFR part 881 projects, the form of lease must contain all required provisions, and none of the prohibited provisions specified in the developer's packet, and must conform to the form of lease included in the approved final proposal.

(2) 24 CFR part 883 projects. For 24 CFR part 883 projects, the form of lease must contain all required provisions, and none of the prohibited provisions specified below.

(i) Required provisions (Addendum to lease).

Addendum to Lease

The following additional Lease provisions are incorporated in full in the Lease between ____________________ (Landlord) and ____________________ (Tenant) for the following dwelling unit: __________________. In case of any conflict between these and any other provisions of the Lease, these provisions will prevail.

a. The total rent will be $________ per month.

b. Of the total rent, $________ will be payable by the State Agency (Agency) as housing assistance payments on behalf of the Tenant and $__________ will be payable by the Tenant. These amounts will be subject to change by reason of changes in the Tenant's family income, family composition, or extent of exceptional medical or other unusual expenses, in accordance with HUD-established schedules and criteria; or by reason of adjustment by the Agency of any applicable Utility Allowance; or by reasons of changes in program rules. Any such change will be effective as of the date stated in a notification to the Tenant.

c. The Landlord will not discriminate against the Tenant in the provision of services, or in any other manner, on the grounds of race, color, creed, religion, sex, or national origin.

d. The Landlord will provide the following services and maintenance: ____________

e. A violation of the Tenant's responsibilities under the Section 8 Program, as determined by the Agency, is also a violation of the lease.

[End of addendum]

(ii) Prohibited provisions. Lease clauses which fall within the classifications listed below must not be included in any Lease.

Lease Clauses

a. Confession of Judgment. Consent by the tenant to be sued, to admit guilt, or to accept without question any judgment favoring the landlord in a lawsuit brought in connection with the lease.

b. Seize or Hold Property for Rent or Other Charges. Authorization to the landlord to take property of the tenant and/or hold it until the tenant meets any obligation which the landlord has determined the tenant has failed to perform.

c. Exculpatory Clause. Prior agreement by the tenant not to hold the landlord or landlord's agents legally responsible for acts done improperly or for failure to act when the landlord or landlord's agent was required to do so.

d. Waiver of Legal Notice. Agreement by the tenant that the landlord need not give any notices in connection with (1) a lawsuit against the tenant for eviction, money damages, or other purposes, or (2) any other action affecting the tenant's rights under the lease.

e. Waiver of Legal Proceeding. Agreement by the tenant to allow eviction without a court determination.

f. Waiver of Jury Trial. Authorization to the landlord's lawyer to give up the tenant's right to trial by jury.

g. Waiver of Right to Appeal Court Decision. Authorization to the landlord's lawyer to give up the tenant's right to appeal a decision on the ground of judicial error or to give up the tenant's right to sue to prevent a judgment being put into effect.

h. Tenant Chargeable with Cost of Legal Actions Regardless of Outcome of Lawsuit. Agreement by the tenant to pay lawyer's fees or other legal costs whenever the landlord decides to sue the tenant whether or not the tenant wins. (Omission of such a clause does not mean that the tenant, as a party to a lawsuit, may not have to pay lawyer's fees or other costs if the court so orders.)

[End of clauses]
[44 FR 59410, Oct. 15, 1979, as amended at 61 FR 13590, Mar. 27, 1996]

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