24 CFR § 880.609 - Adjustment of contract rents.

§ 880.609 Adjustment of contract rents.

(a) Automatic annual adjustment of Contract Rents. Upon request from the owner to the contract administrator, contract rents will be adjusted on the anniversary date of the contract in accordance with 24 CFR part 888.

(b) Special additional adjustments. For all projects, special additional adjustments will be granted, to the extent determined necessary by HUD (for 24 CFR part 883 projects, by the Agency and HUD), to reflect increases in the actual and necessary expenses of owning and maintaining the assisted units which have resulted from substantial general increases in real property taxes, assessments, utility rates, and utilities not covered by regulated rates, and which are not adequately compensated for by annual adjustments under paragraph (a) of this section. The owner must submit to the contract administrator required supporting data, financial statements and certifications.

(c) Overall limitation. Any adjustments of contract rents for a unit after Contract execution or cost certification, where applicable, must not result in material differences between the rents charged for assisted units and comparable unassisted units except to the extent that the differences existed with respect to the contract rents set at Contract execution or cost certification, where applicable.

[44 FR 59410, Oct. 15, 1979, as amended at 59 FR 22755, May 3, 1994; 61 FR 13591, Mar. 27, 1996]