24 CFR § 882.401 - Eligible properties.

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§ 882.401 Eligible properties.

(a) Eligible properties. Except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, housing suitable for moderate rehabilitation as defined in § 882.102 is eligible for inclusion under the Moderate Rehabilitation Program. Existing structures of various types may be appropriate for this program, including single-family houses, multi-family structures and group homes.

(b) Ineligible properties.

(1) Nursing homes, units within the grounds of penal, reformatory, medical, mental and similar public or private institutions, and facilities providing continual psychiatric, medical or nursing services are not eligible for assistance under the Moderate Rehabilitation Program.

(2) Housing owned by a State or unit of general local government is not eligible for assistance under this program.

(3) High rise elevator projects for families with children may not be utilized unless HUD determines there is no practical alternative. (HUD may make this determination for a locality's Moderate Rehabilitation Program in whole or in part and need not review each building on a case-by-case basis.)

(4) Single room occupancy (SRO) housing may not be utilized unless:

(i) The property is located in an area in which there is a significant demand for such units as determined by the HUD Field Office; and

(ii) The PHA and the unit of general local government in which the property is located approve of such units being utilized for such purpose.

(5) No Section 8 assistance may be provided with respect to any unit occupied by an Owner; however, cooperatives will be considered as rental housing for purposes of the Moderate Rehabilitation Program.

[63 FR 23854, Apr. 30, 1998, as amended at 64 FR 14832, Mar. 29, 1999]

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