24 CFR § 882.403 - ACC, housing assistance payments contract, and lease.

(a) Maximum Total ACC Commitments. The maximum total annual contribution that may be contracted for is the total of the Moderate Rehabilitation Fair Market Rents for all the units. The fee for the costs of PHA administration is payable out of the annual contribution.

(b) Project account.

(1) A project account will be established and maintained by HUD as a specifically identified and segregated account for each project. The account will contain the sum of the amounts by which the maximum annual commitment exceeds the amount actually paid out for the project under the ACC each year. Payments will be made from this account when needed to cover increases in Contract Rents or decreases in Gross Family Contributions for (i) housing assistance (including vacancy) payments, (ii) the amount of the fee for PHA costs of administration, and (iii) other costs specifically approved by the Secretary.

(2) When a HUD-approved estimate of required payments under the ACC for a fiscal year exceeds the maximum annual commitment, and would cause the amount in the project account to be less than 40 percent of the maximum, HUD will, within a reasonable period of time, take such additional steps authorized by Section 8(c)(6) of the U.S. Housing Act of 1937, as may be necessary, to assure that payments under the ACC will be adequate to cover increases in Contract Rents and decreases in Gross Family Contributions.

(c) Term of Housing Assistance Payments Contract. The Contract for any unit rehabilitated in accordance with the Program must be for a term of 15 years.

(d) Term of Lease.

(1) The initial lease between the family and the Owner must be for at least one year or the term of the HAP contract, whichever is shorter. In cases where there is less than one year remaining on the HAP contract, the owner and the PHA may mutually agree to terminate the unit from the HAP contract instead of leasing the unit to an eligible family.

(2) Any renewal or extension of the lease term for any unit must in no case extend beyond the remaining term of the HAP contract.

[47 FR 34379, Aug. 9, 1982, as amended at 64 FR 53869, Oct. 4, 1999]

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