24 CFR 883.106 - Applicability and relationships between HUD and State agencies.

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§ 883.106 Applicability and relationships between HUD and State agencies.

(a)Applicability. This subpart A applies to contract authority set aside for a State Agency.

(b)General responsibilities and relationships. Subject to audit and review by HUD to assure compliance with Federal requirements and objectives, Housing Finance Agencies (HFAs) shall assume responsibility for project development and for supervision of the development, management and maintenance functions of owners.

(c)Certifications and HUD monitoring.

(1) Generally, when reviewing any of the certifications of an HFA required by this part, HUD shall accept the certification as correct. If HUD has substantial reason to question the correctness of any element in a certification, HUD shall promptly bring the matter to the attention of the HFA and ask it to provide documentation supporting the certifications. When the HFA provides such evidence, HUD will act in accordance with the HFA's judgment or evaluation unless HUD determines that the certification is clearly not supported by the documentation.

(2) HUD will periodically monitor the activities of HFA's participating under this part only with respect to Section 8 or other HUD programs. This monitoring is intended primarily to ensure that certifications submitted and projects operated under this part reflect appropriate compliance with Federal law and requirements.

[ 61 FR 13592, Mar. 27, 1996]