24 CFR 886.333 - Completion of rehabilitation.

§ 886.333 Completion of rehabilitation.

(a)Notification of completion. The owner must notify HUD in writing when work is completed and submit to HUD the evidence of completion and cost certifications described in paragraph (b) and (c) of this section.

(b)Evidence of completion. Completion of the project must be evidenced by furnishing HUD with the following:

(1) A certificate of occupancy and/or other official approvals necessary for occupancy as required by the locality.

(2) A certification by the owner that:

(i) The project unit(s) has been completed in accordance with the requirements of the Agreement;

(ii) The project unit(s) is/are decent, safe, and sanitary;

(iii) The project unit(s) has/have been rehabilitated in accordance with the applicable zoning, building, housing and other codes, ordinances or regulations, as modified by any waivers obtained from the appropriate officials;

(iv) The project was in compliance with applicable HUD lead-based paint regulations at part 35, subparts A, B, H, and R of this title.

(v) If applicable, the owner has complied with the provisions of the Agreement relating to the payment of not less than prevailing wage rates and that to the best of the owner's knowledge and belief there are no claims of underpayment in alleged violation of said provisions of the Agreement. In the event there are any such pending claims to the knowledge of the owner of HUD, the owner shall be required to place a sufficient amount in escrow, as determined by HUD, to assure such payments;

(vi) There are no defects or deficiencies in the project except for ordinary punchlist items, or incomplete work awaiting seasonal opportunity such as landscaping and heating system test (such excepted items to be specified); and

(vii) There has been no change in the evidence of management capability or in the proposed management program (if one was required) specified in the approved purchase proposal other than changes approved in writing by HUD in accordance with the Agreement.

(c)Actual cost and interest rate certifications. The Owner must provide HUD with statements of the actual costs, including the interest rate incurred for the rehabilitation, Contract Rent shortfalls, and any relocation approved by HUD. The owner shall certify that these are the actual costs. HUD shall review and approve these costs subject to post audit.

(d)Review and inspections.

(1) Within fifteen working days of the receipt of the evidence of completion, and the owner's certification of costs, HUD shall review the evidence of completion for compliance with paragraphs (b) and (c) of this section.

(2) Within the same time period, a HUD representative shall inspect the units, to determine whether the units meet the Housing Quality Standards, the Agreement to Enter into the HAP, and any applicable work write-up.

(e) If the inspection discloses defects or deficiencies, the inspector shall report these with sufficient detail and information for purposes of paragraphs (g) (1) and (2) of this section.

(f)Acceptance. If HUD determines from the review and inspection that the project has been completed in accordance with the Agreement, the project shall be accepted.

(g)Acceptance where defects or deficiencies reported. If the projects unit(s) are not acceptable under paragraph (f) of this section, the following shall apply:

(1) If the only defects or deficiencies are punchlist items or incomplete items awaiting seasonal opportunity, the project may be accepted and the contract executed. If the owner fails to complete the items within a reasonable time to the satisfaction of HUD, HUD may, upon 30 days notice to the owner terminate the contract and/or exercise its other rights thereunder, including rescission of the sale.

(2) If the defects or deficiencies are other than punchlist items or incomplete work awaiting seasonal opportunity, HUD shall determine whether and to what extent the defects or deficiencies can be corrected, what corrections are essential to permit HUD to accept the project, whether and to what extent a reduction of Contract Rents will be required as a condition to acceptance of the project, and the extension of time required for the remaining work to be done. The owner shall be notified of HUD's determinations and, if the owner agrees to comply with the conditions, an addendum to the Agreement shall be entered into, specifying the remaining work, pursuant to which the defects or deficiencies will be corrected and the unit(s) then accepted. If the owner is unwilling to enter into such an addendum or fails to perform under the addendum, the units will not be accepted and appropriate remedies will be sought by HUD. Paragraphs (a) through (g) will apply when the remaining work is completed satisfactorily.

(h)Notification of non-acceptance. If HUD determines that, based on the review of the evidence of completion and inspection, the unit(s) cannot be accepted, the Owner must be promptly notified of this decision and the reasons and steps shall be taken immediately to rescind the sale, or such other action deemed appropriate by HUD.

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