24 CFR § 891.635 - Security deposits.

§ 891.635 Security deposits.

The general requirements for security deposits on assisted units are provided in § 891.435. For purposes of subpart E of this part, the additional requirements apply:

(a) The Borrower may require each family occupying an unassisted unit (or residential space in a group home) to pay a security deposit equal to one month's rent payable by the family.

(b) The Borrower shall maintain a record of the amount in the segregated interest-bearing account that is attributable to each family in residence in the project. Annually for all families, and when computing the amount available for disbursement under § 891.435(b)(3), the Borrower shall allocate to the family's balance the interest accrued on the balance during the year. Unless prohibited by State or local law, the Borrower may deduct for the family, from the accrued interest for the year, the administrative cost of computing the allocation to the family's balance. The amount of the administrative cost adjustment shall not exceed the accrued interest allocated to the family's balance for the year.