24 CFR § 891.670 - Cost containment and modest design standards.

§ 891.670 Cost containment and modest design standards.

(a) Restrictions on amenities. Projects must be modest in design. Except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section, amenities must be limited to those amenities, as determined by HUD, that are generally provided in unassisted decent, safe, and sanitary housing for low-income families in the market area. Amenities not eligible for HUD funding include balconies, atriums, decks, bowling alleys, swimming pools, saunas, and jacuzzis. Dishwashers, trash compactors, and washers and dryers in individual units will not be funded in independent living complexes. The use of durable materials to control or reduce maintenance, repair, and replacement costs is not an excess amenity.

(b) Unit sizes. For independent living complexes, HUD will establish limitations on the size of units and number of bathrooms, based on the number of bedrooms that are in the unit.

(c) Special spaces and accommodations.

(1) The costs of construction of special spaces and accommodations may not exceed 10 percent of the total cost of construction, except as provided in paragraph (d) of this section. Special spaces and accommodations include multipurpose rooms, game rooms, libraries, lounges, and, in independent living complexes, central kitchens and dining rooms.

(2) Special spaces and accommodations exclude offices, halls, mechanical rooms, laundry rooms, and parking areas; dwelling units and lobbies in independent living complexes; and bedrooms, living rooms, dining and kitchen areas, shared bathrooms, and resident staff dwelling units in group homes.

(d) Exceptions. HUD may approve a project that does not comply with the cost containment and modest design standards of paragraphs (a) through (c) of this section if:

(1) The Sponsor demonstrates a willingness and ability to contribute the incremental development cost and continuing operating costs associated with the additional amenities or design features; or

(2) The proposed project involves substantial rehabilitation or acquisition with or without moderate rehabilitation, the additional amenities or design features were incorporated into the existing structure before the submission of the application, and the total development cost of the project with the additional amenities or design features does not exceed the cost limits.