24 CFR § 891.705 - Project assistance contract.

§ 891.705 Project assistance contract.

(a) Project assistance contract (PAC). The PAC sets forth rights and duties of the Borrower and HUD with respect to the project and the project assistance payments.

(b) PAC execution.

(1) Upon satisfactory completion of the project, the Borrower and HUD shall execute the PAC on the form prescribed by HUD.

(2) The effective date of the PAC may be earlier than the date of execution, but no earlier than the date of HUD's issuance of the permission to occupy.

(3) If the project is completed in stages, the procedures of paragraph (b) of this section shall apply to each stage.

(c) Project assistance payments to owners under the PAC. The project assistance payments made under the PAC are:

(1) Payments to the Borrower to assist eligible families leasing assisted units. The amount of the project assistance payment made to the Borrower for an assisted unit (or residential space in a group home) that is leased to an eligible family is equal to the difference between the contract rent for the unit (or pro rata share of the contract rent in a group home) and the tenant rent payable by the family.

(2) Payments to the Borrower for vacant assisted units (“ vacancy payments”). The amount of and conditions for vacancy payments are described in § 891.790. HUD makes the project assistance payments monthly upon proper requisition by the Borrower, except payments for vacancies of more than 60 days, which HUD makes semiannually upon requisition by the Borrower.

(d) Payment of utility reimbursement. If applicable, a utility reimbursement will be paid to a family occupying an assisted unit in an independent living complex as an additional project assistance payment. The PAC will provide that the Borrower will make this payment on behalf of HUD. Funds will be paid to the Borrower in trust solely for the purpose of making the additional payment. The Borrower may pay the utility reimbursement jointly to the family and the utility company, or, if the family and utility company consent, directly to the utility company.