24 CFR § 902.5 - Applicability.

§ 902.5 Applicability.

(a) PHAs, RMCs, AMEs. This part applies to PHAs, Resident Management Corporations (RMCs), and AMEs. This part is also applicable to RMCs that receive direct funding from HUD in accordance with section 20 of the 1937 Act (DF-RMCs).

(1) Scoring of RMCs and AMEs.

(i) RMCs and DF-RMCs will be assessed and issued their own numeric scores under PHAS based on the public housing or portions of public housing that they manage and the responsibilities they assume that can be scored under PHAS. References in this part to PHAs include RMCs, unless stated otherwise. References in this part to RMCs include DF-RMCs, unless stated otherwise.

(ii) AMEs are not issued PHAS scores. The performance of the AME contributes to the PHAS score of the project(s)/PHA(s) for which they assumed management responsibilities.

(2) ACC. The ACC makes a PHA legally responsible for all public housing operations, except where DF-RMC assumes management operations.

(i) Because the PHA and not the RMC or AME is ultimately responsible to HUD under the ACC, the PHAS score of a PHA will be based on all of the projects covered by the ACC, including those with management operations assumed by an RMC or AME (including a court-ordered or administrative receivership agreement, if applicable).

(ii) A PHA's PHAS score will not be based on projects managed by a DF-RMC.

(3) This part does not apply to Moving-to-Work (MTW) agencies that are specifically exempted in their grant agreement.

(b) Implementation of PHAS. The regulations in this part are applicable to PHAs beginning with the first fiscal year end date after the effective date of this rule, and thereafter.

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