24 CFR § 904.103 - Development.

§ 904.103 Development.

(a) Financial framework. The LHA shall finance development or acquisition by sale of its notes (bond financing shall not be used) in the amount of the Minimum Development Cost. Payment of the debt service on the notes is assured by the HUD commitment to provide annual contributions.

(b) Maximum total development cost. The maximum total development cost stated in the ACC is the maximum amount authorized for development of a project and shall not exceed the amount approved in accordance with § 941.406(a) of this chapter.

(c) Contractual framework. There are three basic contracts:

(1) An Annual Contributions Contract containing “Special Provisions For Turnkey III Homeownership Opportunity Project,” Form HUD-53010C (see Appendix I);

(2) A Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement (see Appendix II) which sets forth the respective rights and obligations of the low-income occupants and the LHA, including conditions for achieving homeownership; and

(3) A Recognition Agreement (see Appendix II of Subpart D of this part) between the LHA and the HBA under which the LHA agrees to recognize the HBA as the established representative of the homebuyers.

(d) Community Participation Committee (CPC). In the necessary development of citizens' participation in and understanding of the Turnkey III program, the LHA should consider formation and use of a CPC to assist the community and the LHA in the development and support of the Turnkey III program. The CPC shall be a voluntary group comprised of representatives of the low-income population primarily and may also include representatives of community service organizations.

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