24 CFR 904.107 - Responsibilities of homebuyer.

§ 904.107 Responsibilities of homebuyer.

(a)Repair, maintenance and use of home. The homebuyer shall be responsible for the routine maintenance of the home to the satisfaction of the HBA and the LHA. This routine maintenance includes the work (labor and materials) of keeping the dwelling structure, grounds and equipment in good repair, condition and appearance so that they may be utilized continually at their designed capacities and at the satisfactory level of efficiency for their intended purposes, and in conformity with the requirements of local housing code and applicable regulations and guidelines of HUD. It includes repairs (labor and materials) to the dwelling structure, plumbing fixtures, dwelling equipment (such as range and refrigerator), shades and screens, water heater, heating equipment and other component parts of the dwelling. It also includes all interior painting and the maintenance of grounds (lot) on which the dwelling is located. It does not include maintenance and replacements provided for by the NRMR described in § 904.111.

(b)Repair of damage. In addition to the obligation for routine maintenance, the homebuyer shall be responsible for repair of any damage caused by him, members of his family, or visitors.

(c)Care of home. A homebuyer shall keep the home in a sanitary condition; cooperate with the LHA and the HBA in keeping and maintaining the common areas and property, including fixtures and equipment, in good condition and appearance; and follow all rules of the LHA and of the HBA concerning the use and care of the dwellings and the common areas and property.

(d)Inspections. A homebuyer shall agree to permit officials, employees, or agents of the LHA and of the HBA to inspect the home at reasonable hours and intervals in accordance with rules established by the LHA and the HBA.

(e)Use of home. A homebuyer shall not (1) sublet the home without the prior written approval of the LHA and HUD, (2) use or occupy the home for any unlawful purpose nor for any purpose deemed hazardous by insurance companies on account of fire or other risks, or (3) provide accommodations (unless approved by the HBA and the LHA) to boarders or lodgers. The homebuyer shall agree to use the home only as a place to live for the family (as identified in the initial application or by subsequent amendment with the approval of the LHA), for children thereafter born to or adopted by members of such family, and for aged or widowed parents of the homebuyer or spouse who may join the household.

(f)Obligations with respect to other persons and property. Neither the homebuyer nor any member of his family shall interfere with rights of other occupants of the development, or damage the common property or the property of others, or create physical hazards.

(g)Structural changes. A homebuyer shall not make any structural changes in or additions to the home unless the LHA has first determined in writing that such change would not (1) impair the value of the unit, the surrounding units, or the development as a whole, or (2) affect the use of the home for residential purposes, or (3) violate HUD requirements as to construction and design.

(h)Statements of condition and repair. When each homebuyer moves in, the LHA shall inspect the home and shall give the homebuyer a written statement, to be signed by the LHA and the homebuyer, of the condition of the home and the equipment in it. Should the homebuyer vacate the home, the LHA shall inspect it and give the homebuyer a written statement of the repairs and other work, if any, required to put the home in good condition for the next occupant (see § 904.110(j)(1)). The homebuyer, his representative, and a representative of the HBA may join in any such inspections by the LHA.

(i)Maintenance of common property. The homebuyer may participate in nonroutine maintenance of his home and in maintenance of common property as discussed in § 904.110(d) and § 904.111(c).

(j)Homebuyer's required monthly payment.

(1) The term “required monthly payment” as used herein means the monthly payment the homebuyer is required to pay the LHA on or before the first day of each month. The homebuyer's required monthly payment, which is based upon family income, shall be an amount equal to the Tenant Rent as determined in accordance with part 913 of this chapter. If the Utility Allowance, as defined in part 913 of this chapter, exceeds the Homebuyer's Total Tenant Payment, as determined in accordance with part 913, the LHA will pay a utility reimbursement equal to that excess to the Homebuyer, or as provided in § 913.108 of this chapter.

(2) For purposes of determining eligibility of an applicant (see 24 CFR parts 5 and 913, as well as this part) and the amount of Homebuyer payments under paragraph (j)(1) of this section, the LHA shall examine the family's income and composition and follow the procedures required by 24 CFR part 5 for determining citizenship or eligible immigration status before initial occupancy. Thereafter, for the purposes stated in this paragraph and to determine whether a Homebuyer is required to purchase the home under § 904.104(h)(1), the LHA shall reexamine the Homebuyer's income and composition regularly, at least once every 12 months, and shall undertake such further determination and verification of citizenship or eligible immigration status as required by 24 CFR part 5. The Homebuyer shall comply with the LHA's policy regarding required interim reporting of changes in the family's income and composition. If the LHA receives information from the family or other source concerning a change in the family income or other circumstances between regularly scheduled reexaminations, the LHA, upon consultation with the family and verification of the information (in accordance with 24 CFR parts 5 and 913 of this chapter) shall promptly make any adjustments determined to be appropriate in the Homebuyer payment amount or take appropriate action concerning the addition of a family member who is not a citizen with eligible immigration status. Any change in the family's income or other circumstances that results in an adjustment in the Total Tenant Payment and Tenant Rent must be verified.

(3) The LHA shall not refuse to accept monthly payments because of any other charges (other than overdue monthly payments) owed by the homebuyer to the LHA; however, by accepting monthly payments under such circumstances the LHA shall not be deemed to have waived any of its rights and remedies with respect to such other charges.

(k)Application of monthly payment. The LHA shall apply the homebuyer's monthly payment as follows:

(1) To the credit of the homebuyer's EHPA (see § 904.110);

(2) To the credit of the homebuyer's NRMR (see § 904.111); and

(3) For payment of monthly operating expense including contribution to operating reserve (see § 904.109).

(l)Assignment and survivorship. Until such time as the homebuyer obtains title to the home, it shall be used only to house a family of low income. Therefore:

(1) A homebuyer shall not assign any right or interest in the home or under the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement without the prior written approval of the LHA and HUD;

(2) In the event of death, mental incapacity or abandonment of the family by the homebuyer, the person designated as the successor in the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement shall succeed to the rights and responsibilities under the Agreement if that person is an occupant of the home at the time of the event and is determined by the LHA to meet all of the standards of potential for homeownership as set forth in § 904.104(e)(2). Such person shall be designated by the homebuyer at the time the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement is executed. This designation may be changed by the homebuyer at any time. If there is no such designation or the designee is no longer an occupant of the home or does not meet the standards of potential for homeownership, the LHA may consider as the homebuyer any family member who was an occupant at the time of the event and who meets the standards of potential for homeownership.

(3) If there is no qualified successor in accordance with paragraph (l) (2) of this section, the LHA shall terminate the Agreement and another family shall be selected except under the following circumstances: where a minor child or children of the homebuyer family are in occupancy, then in order to protect their continued occupancy and opportunity for acquisition of ownership of the home, the LHA may approve as occupants of the unit, an appropriate adult(s) who has been appointed legal guardian of the children with a duty to perform the obligations of the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement in their interest and behalf.

(m)Termination by LHA.

(1) In the event the homebuyer breaches the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement by failure to make the required monthly payment within ten days after its due date, by misrepresenting or withholding of information in applying for admission or in connection with any subsequent reexamination of income and family composition (including the failure to submit any required evidence of citizenship or eligible immigration status, as provided by 24 CFR part 5; the failure to meet the disclosure and verification requirements for Social Security Numbers, as provided by 24 CFR part 5; or the failure to sign and submit consent forms for the obtaining of wage and claim information from State Wage Information Collection Agencies, as provided by 24 CFR part 5), or by failure to comply with any of the other homebuyer obligations under the Agreement, the LHA may terminate the Agreement. No termination under this paragraph may occur less than 30 days after the LHA gives the homebuyer notice of its intention to do so, in accordance with paragraph (m)(3) of this section. For termination of assistance for failure to establish citizenship or eligible immigration status under 24 CFR part 5, the requirements of 24 CFR parts 5 and 966 shall apply.

(2) Notice of termination by the LHA shall be in writing. Such notice shall state

(i) The reason for termination,

(ii) That the homebuyer may respond to the LHA, in writing or in person, within a specified reasonable period of time regarding the reason for termination,

(iii) That in such response he may be represented or accompanied by a person of his choice, including a representative of the HBA,

(iv) That the LHA will consult the HBA concerning this termination, and

(v) That unless the LHA rescinds or modifies the notice, the termination shall be effective at the end of the 30-day notice period.

(n)Termination by the homebuyer. The homebuyer may terminate the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement by giving the LHA 30 days notice in writing of this intention to terminate and vacate the home. In the event that the homebuyer vacates the home without notice to the LHA, the Agreement shall be terminated automatically and the LHA may dispose of, in any manner deemed suitable by it, any items of personal property left by the homebuyer in the home.

(o)Transfer to rental unit.

(1) Inasmuch as the homebuyer was found eligible for admission to the Project on the basis of having the necessary elements of potential for homeownership, continuation of eligibility requires continuation of this potential, subject only to temporary unforeseen changes in circumstances. Accordingly, in the event it should develop that the homebuyer no longer meets one or more of these elements of homeownership potential, the LHA shall investigate the circumstances and provide such counseling and assistance as may be feasible in order to help the family overcome the deficiency as promptly as possible. After a reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days from the date of evaluation of the results of the investigation, the LHA shall make a re-evaluation as to whether the family has regained the potential for homeownership or is likely to do so within a further reasonable time, not to exceed 30 days from the date of the reevaluation. Further extension of time may be granted in exceptional cases, but in any event, a final determination shall be made no later than 90 days from the date of evaluation of the results of the initial investigation. The LHA shall invite the HBA to participate in all investigations and evaluations.

(2) If the final determination of the LHA, after considering the views of the HBA, is that the homebuyer should be transferred to a suitable dwelling unit in an LHA rental project, the LHA shall give the homebuyer written notice of the LHA determination of the loss of homeownership potential and of the offer of transfer to a rental unit. The notice shall state that the transfer shall occur as soon as a suitable rental unit is available for occupancy, but no earlier than 30 days from the date of the notice, provided that an eligible successor for the homebuyer unit has been selected by the LHA. The notice shall also state that if the homebuyer should refuse to move under such circumstances, the family may be required to vacate the homebuyer unit, without further notice. The notice shall include a statement (i) that the homebuyer may respond to the LHA in writing or in person, within a specified reasonable time, regarding the reason for the determination and offer of transfer, (ii) that in such response he may be represented or accompanied by a person of his choice including a representative of the HBA, and (iii) that the LHA has consulted the HBA concerning this determination and offer of transfer.

(3) When a Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement is terminated pursuant to this paragraph (o), the amount in the homebuyer's EHPA shall be paid in accordance with the provisions of § 904.110(j).

(Approved by the Office of Management and Budget under control number 2577-0083)
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