24 CFR § 904.113 - Achievement of ownership by initial homebuyer.

§ 904.113 Achievement of ownership by initial homebuyer.

(a) Determination of initial purchase price. The LHA shall determine the initial purchase price of the home by two basic steps, as follows:

Step 1: The LHA shall take the Estimated Total Development Cost (including the full amount for contingencies as authorized by HUD) of the development as shown in the Development Cost Budget in effect upon award of the Main Construction Contract or execution of the Contract of Sale, and shall deduct therefrom the amounts, if any, attributed to (1) relocation costs, (2) counseling and training costs, and (3) the cost of any community, administration or management facilities including the land, equipment, and furnishings attributable to such facilities as set forth in the development program for the development. The resulting amount is herein called Estimated Total Development Cost for Homebuyers.

Step 2: The LHA shall apportion the Estimated Total Development Cost for Homebuyers among all the homes in the development. This apportionment shall be made by obtaining an FHA appraisal of each home and adjusting such appraised values (upward or downward) by the percentage difference between the total of the appraisal for all the Homes and the Estimated Total Development Cost for Homebuyers. The adjusted amount for each home shall be the initial purchase price for that home.

(b) Purchase price schedule. Each homebuyer shall be provided with a Purchase Price Schedule showing (1) the monthly declining purchase price over a 30-year period, 1 commencing with the initial purchase price on the first day of the month following the effective date of the Homebuyers Ownership Opportunity Agreement and (2) the monthly debt service amount upon which the Schedule is based. The Schedule and debt service amount shall be computed on the basis of the initial purchase price, a 30-year period, 2 and a rate of interest equal to the minimum loan interest rate as specified in the Annual Contributions Contract for the Project on the date of HUD approval of the Development Cost Budget, described in paragraph (a) of this section, rounded up, if necessary, to the next multiple of one-fourth of one percent ( 1/4 percent).

1 Change to 25-year period where appropriate pursuant to § 904.101(b)(3).

2 Under section 234(c) of the National Housing Act, as of the date of publication of this subpart, mortgage insurance for a condominium unit in a multi-family project is generally authorized only if the project is currently or has been covered by a mortgage insured under another section of the National Housing Act. There is, however, a proviso which authorizes mortgage insurance for a condominium unit in a multi-family project even though the project is not or has not been covered by such a project mortgage, if the project involves eleven or less units.

(c) Methods of purchase.

(1) The homebuyer may achieve ownership when the amount in his EHPA, plus such portion of the NRMR as he wishes to use for the purchase, is equal to the purchase price as shown at that time on his Purchase Price Schedule plus all Incidental Costs (Incidental Costs mean the costs incidental to acquiring ownership, including, but not limited to, the costs for a credit report, field survey, title examination, title insurance, and inspections, the fees for attorneys other than the LHA's attorney, mortgage application and organization, closing and recording, and the transfer taxes and loan discount payment, if any). If for any reason title to the home is not conveyed to the homebuyer during the month in which such circumstances occur, the purchase price shall be fixed at the amount specified for such month and the homebuyer shall be refunded (i) the net additions, if any, credited to his EHPA subsequent to such month, and (ii) such part of the monthly payments made by the homebuyer after the purchase price has been fixed which exceeds the sum of the break-even amount attributable to the unit and the interest portion of the debt service shown in the Purchase Price Schedule.

(2) Where the sum of the purchase price and Incidental Costs is greater than the amounts in the homebuyer's EHPA and NRMR as described in paragraph (c)(1) of this section, the homebuyer may achieve ownership by obtaining financing for or otherwise paying the excess amount. The purchase price shall be the amount shown on his Purchase Price Schedule for the month in which the settlement date for the purchase occurs.

(d) The maximum period for achieving ownership shall be 30 years, but depending upon increases in the homebuyers income and the amount of credit which the homebuyer can accumulate through maintenance and voluntary payments, the period may be shortened accordingly.

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