24 CFR § 91.525 - Performance review by HUD.

§ 91.525 Performance review by HUD.

(a) General. HUD shall review the performance of each jurisdiction covered by this part at least annually, including site visits by employees - insofar as practicable, assessing the following:

(1) Management of funds made available under programs administered by HUD;

(2) Compliance with the consolidated plan;

(3) Accuracy of performance reports;

(4) Extent to which the jurisdiction made progress towards the statutory goals identified in § 91.1; and

(5) Efforts to ensure that housing assisted under programs administered by HUD is in compliance with contractual agreements and the requirements of law.

(b) Report by HUD. HUD shall report on the performance review in writing, stating the length of time the jurisdiction has to review and comment on the report, which will be at least 30 days. HUD may revise the report after considering the jurisdiction's views, and shall make the report, the jurisdiction's comments, and any revisions available to the public within 30 days after receipt of the jurisdiction's comments.

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