24 CFR § 92.258 - Elder cottage housing opportunity (ECHO) units.

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§ 92.258 Elder cottage housing opportunity (ECHO) units.

(a) General. HOME funds may be used for the initial purchase and initial placement costs of elder cottage housing opportunity (ECHO) units that meet the requirements of this section, and that are small, free-standing, barrier-free, energy-efficient, removable, and designed to be installed adjacent to existing single-family dwellings.

(b) Eligible owners. The owner of a HOME-assisted ECHO unit may be:

(1) The owner-occupant of the single-family host property on which the ECHO unit will be located;

(2) A participating jurisdiction; or

(3) A non-profit organization.

(c) Eligible tenants. During the affordability period, the tenant of a HOME-assisted ECHO unit must be an elderly or disabled family as defined in 24 CFR 5.403 and must also be a low-income family.

(d) Applicable requirements. The requirements of § 92.252 apply to HOME-assisted ECHO units, with the following modifications:

(1) Only one ECHO unit may be provided per host property.

(2) The ECHO unit owner may choose whether or not to charge the tenant of the ECHO unit rent, but if a rent is charged, it must meet the requirements of § 92.252.

(3) The ECHO housing must remain affordable for the period specified in § 92.252(e). If within the affordability period the original occupant no longer occupies the unit, the ECHO unit owner must:

(i) Rent the unit to another eligible occupant on site;

(ii) Move the ECHO unit to another site for occupancy by an eligible occupant; or

(iii) If the owner of the ECHO unit is the host property owner-occupant, the owner may repay the HOME funds in accordance with the recapture provisions imposed by the participating jurisdiction consistent with § 92.254(a)(5)(ii). The participating jurisdiction must use the recaptured HOME funds for additional HOME activities.

(4) The participating jurisdiction has the responsibility to enforce the project requirements applicable to ECHO units.