24 CFR § 92.551 - Corrective and remedial actions.

§ 92.551 Corrective and remedial actions.

(a) General. HUD will use the procedures in this section in conducting the performance review as provided in § 92.550 and in taking corrective and remedial actions.

(b) Performance review.

(1) If HUD determines preliminarily that the participating jurisdiction has not met a requirement of this part, the participating jurisdiction will be given notice of this determination and an opportunity to demonstrate, within the time prescribed by HUD (not to exceed 30 days) and on the basis of substantial facts and data, that it has done so.

(2) If the participating jurisdiction fails to demonstrate to HUD's satisfaction that it has met the requirement, HUD will take corrective or remedial action in accordance with this section or § 92.552.

(c) Corrective and remedial actions. Corrective or remedial actions for a performance deficiency (failure to meet a provision of this part) will be designed to prevent a continuation of the deficiency; mitigate, to the extent possible, its adverse effects or consequences; and prevent its recurrence.

(1) HUD may instruct the participating jurisdiction to submit and comply with proposals for action to correct, mitigate and prevent a performance deficiency, including:

(i) Preparing and following a schedule of actions for carrying out the affected activities, consisting of schedules, timetables, and milestones necessary to implement the affected activities;

(ii) Establishing and following a management plan that assigns responsibilities for carrying out the remedial actions;

(iii) Canceling or revising activities likely to be affected by the performance deficiency, before expending HOME funds for the activities;

(iv) Reprogramming HOME funds that have not yet been expended from affected activities to other eligible activities;

(v) Reimbursing its HOME Investment Trust Fund in any amount not used in accordance with the requirements of this part;

(vi) Suspending disbursement of HOME funds for affected activities; and

(vii) Establishing procedures to ensure compliance with HOME requirements;

(viii) Making matching contributions as draws are made from the participating jurisdiction's HOME Investment Trust Fund United States Treasury Account and establishing a remedial plan to make up the matching contributions deficit; and

(ix) If the participating jurisdiction is a metropolitan city, forming a consortium with the urban county if the urban county is willing to carry out the HOME program in the metropolitan city.

(2) HUD may also change the method of payment from an advance to reimbursement basis and may require supporting documentation to be submitted for HUD review for each payment request before payment is made; determine the participating jurisdiction to be high risk and impose special conditions or restrictions on the next year's allocation in accordance with 2 CFR 200.207; and take other remedies that may be legally available, including remedies under 2 CFR 200.338.

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