24 CFR § 92.61 - Program description.

§ 92.61 Program description.

(a) Submission requirement. Not later than 90 days after HUD notifies the insular area of the amount of its allocation, the insular area must submit a program description and certifications to HUD.

(b) Content of program description. The program description must contain the following:

(1) An executed Standard Form 424;

(2) The estimated use of HOME funds and a description of projects and eligible activities, including number of units to be assisted, estimated costs, and tenure type (rental or owner occupied) and, for tenant assistance, number of households to be assisted;

(3) A timetable for the implementation of the projects or eligible activities;

(4) If the insular area intends to use HOME funds for homebuyers, the guidelines for resale or recapture as required in § 92.254(a)(5);

(5) If the insular area intends to use HOME funds for tenant-based rental assistance, a description of how the program will be administered consistent with the minimum guidelines described in § 92.209;

(6) If an insular area intends to use other forms of investment not described in § 92.205(b), a description of the other forms of investment;

(7) A statement of the policy and procedures to be followed by the insular area to meet the requirements for affirmative marketing, and establishing and overseeing a minority and women business outreach program under § 92.351;

(8) If the insular intends to use HOME funds for refinancing along with rehabilitation, the insular area's guidelines described in § 92.206(b).

(c) Certifications. The following certifications must accompany the program description:

(1) A certification that, before committing funds to a project, the insular area will evaluate the project in accordance with guidelines that it adopts for this purpose and will not invest any more HOME funds in combination with other governmental assistance than is necessary to provide affordable housing;

(2) If the insular area intends to provide tenant-based rental assistance, the certification required by § 92.209;

(3) A certification that the submission of the program description is authorized under applicable law and the insular area possesses the legal authority to carry out the HOME Investment Partnerships Program, in accordance with the HOME regulations;

(4) A certification that it will comply with the acquisition and relocation requirements of the Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970, as amended, implementing regulations at 49 CFR part 24 and the requirements of § 92.353;

(5) A certification that the insular area will use HOME funds in compliance with all requirements of this part;

(6) The certification required with regard to lobbying required by 24 CFR part 87, together with disclosure forms, if required by 24 CFR part 87.

[61 FR 48750, Sept. 16, 1996, as amended at 72 FR 73493, Dec. 27, 2007]

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