24 CFR § 93.54 - Reallocations by formula.

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§ 93.54 Reallocations by formula.

(a) HUD will reallocate under this section:

(1) Any HTF funds available for reallocation because HUD reduced or recaptured funds from an HTF grantee under § 93.400(d) for failure to commit or expend the funds within the time specified, or under § 93.453 for failure to comply substantially with any provision of this part;

(2) Any HTF funds reduced for failure by the grantee to obtain funds required to be reimbursed or returned under § 93.450; and

(3) Any HTF funds remitted to HUD under § 93.403(b)(4) when a grantee ceases to be an HTF grantee for any reason.

(b) Any reallocation of funds must be made only among all participating States, except those States from which the funds were recaptured or reduced.

(c) Any amounts that become available for reallocation shall be added to amounts for formula allocation in the succeeding fiscal year.